EcoHub & mFish at Our Ocean Conference, Washington D.C.

EcoHub and mFish launch their partnership with the Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships (S/GP) of the US State Department at the 3rd Our Oceans Conference in Washington D.C. Alistair Douglas and Jayson Berryhill gave a presentation about how mFish, together with its partners, is evolving to remove economic and technological barriers to electronic catch documentation and traceability. The highlights were the significant increase in the creation of Marine Protected Areas, and pledges of over $1.5 billion dedicated to ocean protection.

Further, to continue Secretary Kerry's legacy, the EU announced the next conference will be in Malta, and Indonesia's Fisheries Minister Susi announced the 2018 conference will be held in Bali, Indonesia. It was also great to see mFish pioneer Mark Kaplan catch up with Minister Susi and that the bottles EcoHub sponsored were a big hit - some ministers reportedly upset they missed out! 

Alistair Douglas