EcoHub's Project with WorldFish & Aceh Aquaculture Cooperative

EcoHub and its partner FishTrax has been cooperating with WorldFish and the Aceh Aquculture Cooperative (AAC) on traceability and telling the story of the famous Aceh Black Tiger Prawns to consumers. EcoHub is hoping to start selling these delicious organic Black Tigers from Aceh from the 2016 season and, with the proceeds, help support the great work of the AAC and WorldFish.

To see an example of the traceability system you can scan the QR code below as you would from a menu or product label and be taken back to see the very farmer that provided the prawns, the ponds they came from, the people in between, and the community the consumers are supporting by buying the prawns. 

EcoHub is also looking to trace back to the fishers and the hatcheries that provide the farmers with the seed stock. With partners Tone and Iridium, we are hoping to introduce cellular-satellite tracking of the vessels and e-log books as part of a Fishery Improvement Project - stay tuned. 

Here is a video that links the consumer to the farmer and his community, and a collection of images of our collaborative efforts in Aceh.

Alistair Douglas