EcoHub in Karimunjawa with Marine Change, RARE and WCS

EcoHub travelled to Nyamuk Island, part of the Karimunjawa National Marine Park, to meet with the villagers, traders and fishers. The visit, organized by Marine Change, also consisted of visits to traders in Jepara, and to see facilities on Karimunjawa Island. Whilst there, EcoHub was able to meet with the staff members of RARE and the World Conservation Society, as well as staff working for Marine Parks that are collaborating to improve the sustainability and responsibility of the fishing communities there. 

The objective of the trip was to assess the supply chains in operation, the potential to apply traceability technology to these supply chains, examine the infrastructure in place, and the qualities of the fish being landed. EcoHub is also looking at the potential and opportunity to collaborate with the fishers and the eNGOs to apply vessel tracking technologies, mFish log books, and weather applications through Tone enabled phones. Such initiatives will help not only improve the fishers safety at sea but assist RARE with their Territorial Use Rights for Fisheries (TURF) initiative in Karimunjawa and allow the fishers to get onto a Fishery Improvement Project. 

Alistair Douglas