Bilateral, Multilateral Co-op Needed to Fight Illegal Fishing

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) instructed to partly blow up FV Viking, so the other part could be turned into a monument to serve as a reminder of the fight against illegal fishing activities. Jokowi decided to make FV Viking a monument as the foreign fishing ship had poached fish in the waters of several countries and had managed to evade arrest until the Indonesian Navy was finally able to capture it. "For years, 13 countries had been on the lookout for FV Viking, a ship that had poached fish in several countries.

Indonesia has managed to catch it - Jkw," President Jokowi tweeted on his Twitter account @jokowi on March 14. The FV Viking vessel had allegedly violated some international laws and conventions and had committed fraud by conducting illegal fishing practices. Earlier, Minister of Marine and Fishery Affairs Susi Pudjiastuti had revealed that according to the Norwegian Interpol, the fugitive vessel had changed its name 13 times and had used 12 different flags, thus the ship was designated as a stateless vessel.

The vessel was intercepted by a joint Indonesian Navy team in the waters of Tanjung Berakit of Bintan District of Riau Islands Province on Feb. 25. Commander of the Naval base Lantamal IV/Tanjung Pinang Marine Colonel (P) S. Irawan stated that the Navys Warship KRI Sultan Toha Saifuddin-376 and a Helicopter Bolco NP 408 were deployed as part of the operations.The authorities arrested eleven crew members of the ship belonging to countries, such as Myanmar, Argentina, Peru, and Indonesia.The boss or head of FV Viking was identified as a Burmese, Irawan added. Click here to read more.

Alistair Douglas