Alistair Douglas runs Seminar on Seafood Quality at James Cook University, Singapore

Professor H. Allan Bremner and Alistair Douglas of EcoHub ran a seminar on Seafood Quality at James Cook University on May 19. The seminar examined how one defines, measures and communicates aspects of fish quality. In the seminar attendees were introduced to the Quality Index Method that Prof. Bremner pioneered and is now used throughout auction floors in Europe as a way to quantify the freshness attributes of seafood so that buyers can predict the remaining shelf life on ice and bid accordingly. 

The "raw" results of an investigation into the effects of harvest method, killing method and poor/good cold chain were also on display. The trial, ran with local barramundi farmer Singapore Aquaculture Technologies (SAT), revealed how a rested harvest, the Japanese ikijime method of killing, and good cold chain can lead to significant differences in the qualities of fish. 

Alistair Douglas